Haixiong: adhere to the difference between the road service more than ten original mind as one

In January 2003, at the beginning of the new year, Ningbo Ningbo Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haixiong press") was born, from the first four people, developed into Ningbo A dark horse in the press industry is gradually emerging.

"Do not kill low-cost competition, we are taking a different path." Haixiong press general manager Zheng Qiang interview with plastic Shanghui said. According to incomplete statistics, Ningbo has more than 100 presses enterprises, which contains more than a dozen on the scale of enterprises, in such a large plastic machine market share is a cup of it is not easy, Haixiong press after more than ten Set from the beginning of the 500 square plant to 70,000 square meters of the existing area; from four to more than 170 people; from 10 million to more than five billion annual output value, Machine low-key and rapid development thanks to the core business philosophy and in different stages of accurate self-positioning.

"To create value for customers, to create benefits for shareholders, to create opportunities for employees to create harmony for the community." Haixiong press at the beginning of the establishment of this mission for the enterprise, and in more than ten years of development efforts to practice.

Customized service takes customers as the focus of attention

"In the past, we refused all the media cooperation, will all mind into the technology research and development which," said Zheng Qiang, technical origin: Hai Xiong press the core values reflected in the goal is to focus on customers. From product positioning to product development and then to the choice of service agents, all customers as the focus. The company's value orientation is based on struggle, reflects the company's employment principles. At present, Haixiong that customers provide customized services as the main direction, the downstream customer difficulties as the company's own difficulties, customer transformation and upgrading of the demand as the company's development momentum, thus providing system solutions. In the development of more than 10 years, Haixiong presses have done a lot of products such as toilet cover machine, fruit basket special machine, mobile phone plastic box, light guide plate special machine, shoe machine and other subdivided areas of products. For the company's agents, customers provide a strong competitive products.

"We will be positioned as a service-oriented enterprises, we talk about the concept of service is through the entire process," leadership services to employees, business services to customers, the next process is on the process of customers. In the sea, in this family, there is no hierarchical concept in the service, whether managers or ordinary staff, travel are using the most efficient means of transport. Similarly, in the service for customers to use the fastest logistics, allowing customers to see in the shortest time Haixiong products and services. The customer as a concern is the sea since the establishment of the concept has been practiced.

Opportunity can be difficult to grasp

And who can not lose, but also lose the machine also. Time and opportunity, whether it is for life, or is very valuable to the enterprise, the time is the passage of time, will not come back later; opportunities are generated under specific conditions, the loss will not reproduce, the saying goes "Now or never". Hai Xiong in the process of continuous development and growth, is to seize their own development and industry reshuffle opportunities. There are three events that are particularly memorable.

"First, the company start-up period, Haixiong presses agents not much, geographical distribution and share of the share is not very reasonable .2007, the largest agents began their own production of similar products, when the agents accounted for the company sales A great proportion of the sea, is the face of a construction since the biggest crisis. Crisis, crisis, crisis also organic, we did not complain and complain, see the positive side of things, God off a window , We will certainly open another window.We quickly change their minds, from the product positioning, market layout to make new adjustments.Now back to the point of view, if there is no such event can not have today's maritime development. , In 2008 to face the industry reshuffle, the sudden rise in the market of Ningbo presses, the market share of the re-segmentation, the sea is also seize the opportunity.Third, from the ordinary machine, variable pump upgrade to the servo machine process, the sea Male on the product positioning to grasp the speed of advance, so that the maritime product positioning further pulled up "Zheng always smiling with Hai Chang press machine in the development process of several major changes. People who laugh are not bad luck, can look from the perspective of adversity, the situation to the development of good trends, the leadership of the enterprise must also be excellent.

Special management model to create efficient business

Zheng said: "surgery has specialized, pinch fist will make outstanding products", since its establishment, the sea-press has been focused on the field of injection molding machine, specializing in the production of "Hai Xiong" brand high-grade plastic molding machine. Will "take science and technology road, made high-end machine" as a business purpose, the "pursuit of excellence, shaping the perfect" as a business philosophy.

With the industry to become the leading industry in the growing development of the era of market economy is also growing prosperous, Zheng Qiang mentioned in the interview, the second half of 2016, injection molding machine market sales is particularly prosperous. But in the happy time, he is more emphasis on the future of the crisis. Each manufacturing enterprises blind expansion capacity, the market early consumption will bring worries to the future. Haixiong can do is to seize the current opportunity. Not blindly optimistic, silently prepared for the next fierce competition.

Haixiong presses as a national high-tech enterprises, with more than 60 disabled employees in the enterprise to create benefits for the community at the same time, the government is also feedback enterprises, such as tax and subsidies in the existence of competitive advantage. In addition, the staff of Haixiong presses has the characteristics of high stability, "loyalty first, quality first" This is the general principle of employment, maritime management staff is relatively small, employees in the course of work, whether it is Technology, or production, or sales, whenever encountered difficult problems will be fed back to Zheng, by the total supply of technology or mobilization of resources, the use of the most direct and efficient way to solve the problem. So as to achieve the purpose of efficient work. Of course, a person's energy is limited, this, Zheng said: the future expansion of the scale of enterprises, although the management to sacrifice costs, to sacrifice efficiency. But this is the enterprise to a higher, farther the inevitable way.

Today, Haixiong press is located in the "China Plastics Machinery" - Ningbo Beilun Technology Park, covers an area of over 70,000 square meters, with its own strong research and development capabilities, excellent processing equipment, professional after-sales service, integrity The operating style, the products sell well all over the country and exported to Russia, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In the domestic Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hubei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin and other places to establish a sound sales and service network to Haixiong brand as the core of the domestic and international market marketing system is comprehensive flowering.


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