Injection molding machine application of a wide range of bright future

Injection Molding Machine Due to its wide range of functional diversity, it will continue to maintain its most important position and will occupy two-fifths of the machinery sales market by 2017. According to a recent report, the global plastics processing machinery market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.9%, the global market in 2017 will reach 37.1 billion US dollars.

China is by far the world's largest machinery and equipment market, 2012 accounted for 29% of the global market, and will continue to lead the global market demand. India will be the world's fastest growing country, accounting for 12% of the global market share in 2013. According to the global regional market, the US central and southern markets grew fastest, followed by Africa and the Middle East. It is expected that by 2017, by the development of the global transport industry, machinery manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific will be able to obtain the advantages of rapid delivery.

The first three quarters of 2013, China's injection molding machine import and export trade deficit of 48.76 million US dollars, down 72.2% year on year; injection molding machine occupy the top ten imports in the field of 47.7% for the modified plastic. Injection molding machine is one of the largest categories of commercial trade deficit. Extruder is one of the machines imported from China's presses after the injection molding machine. The first three quarters of 2013, China's total export extruder 9262 units, 238 million US dollars, in the top ten export destinations accounted for 48.2%.

In recent years, with the downstream demand for plastic products increased, China's overall demand for plastic machinery, the overall growth of the domestic market. According to the press machine industry, "second Five-Year" development plan, the next five years, the average annual growth rate of the press industry will be more than 12%, industry-wide industrial output value and total sales reached 50 billion yuan. As the current domestic market activity is lower than the international market, the domestic situation will lead to more enterprises to the international, can be expected, the next period of time, the press industry will be export heat, domestic fierce competition will be transmitted to the international market , Then, the international market will usher in a fierce and rapid growth trend.

"3D plastic printers will be the fastest growing plastic processing equipment, from the current relatively small market situation expanded to other areas of processing production in the world of construction market with the support of high growth, extrusion machinery sales will welcome To a fastest growing period, "Cleveland Research Group said.

From the breakdown of the species, the first three quarters of 2013, China's total imports to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics Turkey, Indonesia, the United States and other places of the injection molding machine is far apart, limited to 4544-4962 million; This year, China's injection molding machine imports began to decline, a decline of up to 18.1%. Overall, imports increased slightly, but year on year, China's injection molding machine imports accounted for 34.8% Increase slightly.

2012 China's top three injection molding machine import countries were Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil. This year, Indonesia, Brazil, a slight increase in thin, Thailand fell sharply by 36.8%, which means that the overseas injection molding machine market gradually strong, the future of injection molding machines and modified plastics overseas investment needs more prudent.

In a recent study, a better market selling environment is coming, from fixed investment spending and accelerated production of plastic products. Packaging will be the largest market for plastic processing machinery, is expected to 2017 will exceed one-third of total sales. The next largest end market will be consumer products and construction areas.


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