Press machine business homes can "sell all over the world"?

2017 "new foreign trade" Dongying cross-border electricity business summit held in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Dongying Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Shi Jingliang said, Dongying development of cross-border electric business has great potential, and pointed out its three major advantages: good foreign trade, professional business platform to start quickly, the Government attaches great importance.

From the first half of the 2017 statistical data analysis, in addition to Shandong Dongying, China's other provinces and cities also showed good momentum, such as: Henan Province, cross-border electricity business commodity value exceeded 5 billion yuan, Xiamen FTA cross-border electrical goods Value increased 2.45 times, Chongqing Bonded Port cross-border electricity business value increased by 168% ... ... This series of data show that cross-border electricity business in the enterprise play an increasingly important role.

As the first batch of cross-border electricity business pilot area, Hangzhou has long been the development of B2B cross-border electricity business as a major breakthrough, relying on "Internet + cross-border trade + manufacturing in China", the reconstruction of the enterprise production chain, trade chain, value chain. In this context, the Chinese enterprises in all aspects of the chain of enterprises is expected to get a new breakthrough.

At present, Hangzhou comprehensive experimental area is to promote the traditional foreign trade enterprises and production enterprises on-line operation, the use of the Internet to find orders to enhance the value chain, presses enterprises can also cross-border electricity business model to enhance the enterprise's value chain, No home can "sell all over the world."

According to the latest report released by a media survey of China's cross-border electricity market research report shows that in 2016 China's cross-border electricity market transactions reached 6.3 trillion yuan, and maintain high growth, is expected in 2018 the overall transaction size will reach 8.8 Trillion yuan.

It is understood that Russia has Europe's largest online shopping crowd, its more than 6 percent of the population have online shopping experience, there are 25 million cross-border electricity consumers, the global cross-border electricity business brands are very active in Russia, 2016 cross-border electricity Trading volume in about 30 billion US dollars, and an annual rate of 30% increase. Put aside the volume of trading in other industries, the volume of the plastics industry is clearly still a piece of fat, we can see that e-commerce is China's press enterprises to enter the Russian market, one of the shortcuts.

As Europe's second largest electricity business country, is also the world's fifth largest electricity business countries, France's e-commerce market is also very large, it can be said that the French market has been quite mature, and its development is also very fast. But since it is a cross-border electricity business, the Chinese press enterprises in the operation of this one, the first to face the problem is the language barrier, whether it is said above Russia, or France, or other countries, presses business must To solve the language problem, which can lay the striker for the rapid localization of enterprises.

For enterprises such as presses and other enterprises, the open, multi-dimensional and three-dimensional multilateral economic and trade cooperation model of cross-border e-commerce has greatly broadened the path of enterprises entering the international market, greatly promoted the optimal allocation of multilateral resources and the mutual benefit Win-win situation Through cross-border electricity business, other countries, presses buyers can easily access the information of China's presses business, and buy inexpensive products. Therefore, the press enterprises must give full play to the role of cross-border electricity business channels, and ultimately the enterprise will be sold at home will sell the world's long vision.


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